Back to the Past Vintage

Back to the Past Vintage online store for classic retro clothing and shoes

Back to the past vintage Reseller of classic retro clothing and shoes, right out of Dallas Texas! Visit backtothepastvintage.com

East Coast Conch

East Coast Conch cover screenshot

East Coast Conch The East Coast Conch Restaurant & Bar is now live online, equipped with reservation and menu features. Get a taste of Bahamian cuisine today! Visit eastcoastconch.com


Hydrant.com website cover

Hydrant Services Hydrant has established themselves in Texas as a leader in hydrant services including safety inspections, repair, valve surveying and GIS integration. Visit hydrant.com


CopiaHR professionals website cover

Copia HR Professionals Copia HR serves as a human resource and staffing agency in Halifax, NS. I had the pleasure of redesigning their website with a more uplifting and professional look. Visit copiaprofessionals.com


Sweate Fitness Community Website Cover

Sweate Fitness Community The official website of the Sweate fitness community app. Features responsive web design and links to download the app for respective iOS and Android platforms. Visit sweate.app

Dash-IO Digital Marketing

Dash-IO Website Cover

Dash-IO Digital Marketing Dash-IO provides professional digital marketing solutions to small to mid-sized businesses including Web Design, SEO, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Management. Visit Dash-IO

MediaTypes WordPress Plugin

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MediaTypes MediaTypes plugin was created to simplify file type management across WordPress websites. No more updating code while risking breaking your website. Simply pick and choose which file types which you would like to add or remove support for and then save your changes. Download MediaTypes