I’m Christopher Fevrier aka FevtheDev, and firstly I’d love to welcome you to my portfolio website. If your presence here is the result of a potential job consideration, I’m hoping that you find what you’re looking for and that I can provide some sort of value for you today. 

A Bit about me – I’m a web developer who has his heart set on creating technological solutions that can make an impact on everybody. In the process I hope to not only showcase my coding abilities but also to learn and improve my craft. At this point I’m working on advancing my professional career but I do have a lot of fun while being a full stack web developer. There is always so much to learn, and the idea of collaborating with other more experienced developers is always enticing to me.

On the side, I enjoy building WordPress plugins and Mobile Apps because those are the kinds of applications that I simply enjoy building. They solve other people’s technological problems and help me think critically which is something that I value. 

I have so much planned for this space, but I understand that good things take time, and persistence is key. I look forward to reflecting in awe some day at the significant growth that I would have achieved as a programmer.

Again, thank you for your presence here and hey why not shoot me a message if you feel like connecting.

– FevtheDev